Sunday, November 6, 2016

Towards Being a Dentist

Hello guys! FYI, I am finally and officially a dental student now after all the crazy rides I went through. 

Just an intro about the course I'm taking. The name of the course is Bachelor of Dental Surgery a.k.a. BDS The course duration is 5 years and I'm taking the course in Aimst University in Kedah. Yes, upon completion of the course I will be called a dentist legally and officially :P 

The course started in late August which was around 3 months ago. I came here alone with my friends from Miri who are studying in the same university as I am, settled the registration and moved into the hostel and blabla~

After that, it was the orientation programme, which all of us, including the new students and seniors looked forward to as y'all know, you'll only be able to be 'new students' for once or twice(if foundation programme's orientation is included) in your uni life. 

me, after the orientation programme ended

The entire orientation programme was very very amazing, from our year 2 seniors bullying us in the beginning until the orientation's disgusting yet fun games. Honestly, I enjoyed every single one of the part of it, because what's the point of not taking part in your school activities and just being a loner? Come on, we will only have one uni life, so enjoy and make the most out of it! 

some of my batchmates

Besides, our university's dental student association organized an annual Mid-Autumn festival food fair where our batch(year 1) were involved in 'music'. Yep, sounds tough as it is to make profit out of it which in fact, we didn't make any profit HAHAHA. However, it was our first activity together as a batch after the orientation programme and I believe we got to know more about each other through this event. We even lighted 孔明灯together on the university's running track having our wishes written on it, sounds so sweet right hahaha. 

Furthermore, we were also required to represent our faculty(Faculty of Dentistry) to take part in the marching competition. It was an inter-faculty competition and I was involved in it too as all the boys in year 1 must take part in it. At first, I felt that it was very lame to kawad (march). However as time goes by, I felt that it was actually a very good opportunity for me to know more of my batchmates. Plus the spirit of unity could also be implanted among us through the practices we attended. We practised together and put in effort to do our best to keep our faculty's winning streak and guess what, we did it! We represented our faculty and helped the faculty to earn the 3rd win in a row! It was a blast taking part in the marching activity.

In addition, I also started to serve God in the church where I attend in Sungai Petani in Kedah. I joined the choir and the praise and worship team which means a lot to me. This is because, as some of you know that I used to play drums, a lot. However, as I further my studies after secondary school, I seldom drum again but my drumming passion has always been there, even until now and I play on my drumming pad sometimes too. Even though I didn't pursue my earlier dream to join DCI(Drum Corps International), I believe God gave me a pair of drumming hands for other purposes too, that is, using them to serve Him. I've always wanted to serve in the church as a drummer even in Miri but I didn't take much action about it. So now, being able to serve God as His drummer is really meaningful to me - doing what I love for the One who loves me.

For now, I'm preparing for my first Continuous Assessment (exam) which I'll be sitting in this coming week and yeap I'm still here blogging around hahaha. Well, every one needs to take breaks right? Being a dental/medical field student is tough, but I know nothing good comes easy, and as long as I have God in my life, I know I can achieve anything! :]

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." - Philippians 4:13

Thanks for reading, and count your blessings.
Til I write again.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Simple Things in Life

Life can be happy if we focus on being grateful for what we have instead of complaining and ranting about all the bad things that happen to us. I know my birthday had passed for quite a while but I've been having the urge to write a post about it. In recent years, my expectations to receive something on my birthdays has gradually increased. It's not that I expect my birthday celebration to be greater and greater each year, but at least those important people in my life would remember my birthday and do a little thing about it, because they are the ones who matter the most in my life. 

Ah Dang, my girlfriend Yee Vien and I. 

This year, I actually have been hoping that Yee Vien would come over to Miri to celebrate my birthday with me, nothing fancy, just a simple one, together with my family. However, I've been trying to lower down my expectation as she kept on telling me how busy she was and that she had many things to study and that she had to attend her faculty's Sports Day on the day before my birthday. BUT!! She had been planning the surprise on my birthday with ah Dang and my mommy since last year and even booked the flight tickets since then. That Saturday morning when she was supposed to attend the 'Sports Day', but she flew here and surprised me at the gym together with ah Dang as ah Dang and I initially planned a gym date. Three of us then went to Citrus for brunch and had a good time together. 

That afternoon, we went for a simple date, bought some crepe cakes and an egg tart, went to the seaside and ate the food in the car, just plainly enjoyed the moment together. After that, we went home, rest for a while then went into the kitchen to help my mommy out (she loves helping my mom out in the kitchen and spending time together) as my mommy invited 3QQ and his family over for dinner. We cooked rice and washed midin(a Sarawak vegetable) together.

My mom, Yee Vien and I. 

At 12:00am, she was to excited to wish me happy birthday and sing birthday song for me. Then she gave me a handmade birthday card(it's the first card she made for me) and a necktie as my birthday present. It was very simple, but I was very content and happy because it's the thought and effort that count.

Thank you <3

Her gifts for me. 

The next day which was a Sunday after church service, we bumped into Puan Soh who was my secondary school band manager in a restaurant. I will always be grateful for her because my leadership was built up in band. She knew it was my birthday so she wished me. We talked for a while and before I left the restaurant, she gave an angpao. Thank you, Puan Soh!

All in all, I really appreciate what I have in my life now. I'm blessed with a lovely family, surrounded with many loved ones and I have meaningful friends. These are the people that make me feel loved and blessed <3

May God bless those who read this :] 

Thursday, March 24, 2016

3 Effective Fat Loss Tips

Fat loss - many people are doing so many things and putting so much effort into it. However, some people tend to put useless unnecessary efforts in doing it and could not see any satisfying or pleasing results. The common fat loss method people do is to keep exercising and not eating (or eat a very little food), but this is not the ideal fat loss method as it is extremely unhealthy for the body's systems eg: immune system. Why? Antibodies (made up of proteins) are the "substances" that help to combat the harmful bacteria and viruses in our body. So what happens when we consume little or no proteins (meats)? Our body will be lack of proteins, thus antibodies cannot be made/ synthesized in our body and our body making us become weak (our body immune system becomes weak!). So just scrap away the no-food-at-all diet, here are some tips that aid in fat loss.

1) Have a High Protein and High Fat Breakfast.
"What?! High fat? But consuming fats will make me fat!" That is a wrong perception. There are many types of fats and our body needs a certain amount of fats (except trans-fat) to produce hormones as all the hormones in our body are made up of fats. Back to the point, why having high protein and a high fat breakfast will help to lose fat? This is because when we wake up after many hours of fasting (sleeping = fasting as we do not consume food when we sleep), our body would be utilizing fat for fuel. If we consume proteins and fats, the body will continue utilizing fat for energy and this will lead to more fat used and burned! However, if we consume carbohydrates such as noodles or rice, our body will immediately stop utilizing fat and start utilizing the carbohydrates for energy as our body would prefer using carbohydrates(in the form of glycogen) over fats to produce energy. So don't be afraid to consume fats! A good example of high fat and protein breakfast would be eggs. An average egg contains 6g of protein, 5g of fat and no carbohydrates. You can fry or cook it in your own style. I personally eat 5 whole eggs for my breakfast every day. Don't be afraid of the cholesterol in eggs as they are good cholesterol called HDL that lowers the bad cholesterol (LDL) in our body.

2) Earn Your Carbs!
Carbohydrates a.k.a. carbs are not bad if we consume it at the right time in an appropriate amount. As mentioned above, for optimal fat loss, it is not encouraged to consume carbs in our breakfast. You can have it during your lunch but the optimal time to consume carbs is post-workout (after working out). Why? After a workout, our body would be depleted of glycogen (the main energy source in our body which is made up of carbohydrates), consuming carbs specifically high-glycemic carbs (eg: dextrose, glucose, gummy bears, or white bread) helps to replenish our body's glycogen level and causes the spiking of insulin hormone which helps in muscle growth as it increases the absorption of creatine and carnitine into muscle cells. Besides post-workout, another optimal time to consume carbs is before sleep (preferably an hour prior to sleep). Consuming carbohydrates causes the body to release a hormone called serotonin that calms our body's central nervous system thus enables us to have a good sleep.Besides, carbohydrates have anti-catabolic ability that helps to prevent muscle breakdown when we sleep.

3) HIIT it!
HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is a very popular fat loss method nowadays. The fat burning effect of HIIT massively outweighs the effect of steady state cardio such as jogging. Researchers have found that individuals who performed HIIT for 15-20 minutes lost two times more fat compared to individuals who jogged in a steady state for 60 minutes.

Two example of a HIIT workout:
a) 100m all out sprint x 4-8 sets
- Rest 90 seconds in between sets.

b) Stationary bike.
- 30 seconds of maximum effort on the bike (Increase the level of difficulty if possible).
- Rest 60-90 seconds in between sets.

If you do not feel like throwing up after the workout, it means that you could have done more.

Why is HIIT so effective? This is because of the intensity of the workout skyrockets the body's metabolic rate so that even after the workout has been completed, the body will keep burning fat for the next 48 hours whereas the metabolic rate goes back to normal level after an individual stops jogging.

Hope these tips help you in losing fat. Have any questions or thoughts about it? Do comment below!

**This was an article I published in the Zalora Community page in which my post can be found here.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Working Towards a Better Me

So the list above shows my 'New Year Resolutions' I jot down earlier this year. So far everything has been going well since my foundation life in Aimst University ended and I've been making my days as productive as I could. However, I guess my no.10 resolution has to be scrapped out because after some consideration, I think that working in a dental clinic as a dental assistant won't benefit me a lot for now as all the things that I would learn in the dental clinic will also be learned after I enter my degree in August later. Besides, I'm sure that to work as a full timer, it would take away my entire day, which means that I would only be left with my night time as my free time, and if I work as a part-timer for a couple of hours a day, the pay would not be pleasing to the eye :P During my consideration, I remembered my kids at the tuition place I used to work at, and I missed them so much and I love them very much because they were all so adorable while I was teaching them especially the primary 1 and 2 kids(some of them are in primary 3 now) even though I had to keep shouting and screaming at them as they were soooo naughty and would talk so much and loudly so I had to keep the situation in control HAHAHA. 

Anyway, to the main point of the post, I want to talk about my no.5 resolution, that is to work towards a better looking body. Honestly, I gained some fat since Chinese New Year and I lost some muscles during my one year of foundation at Aimst University because even though I worked out quite often, but there were no quality or sufficient nutritious food, protein specifically for me there as all the food were served by the cafeteria workers there so they would not give us a lot of food especially meats. 

I have started working out back here since last Sunday when I started the mi40x program and have been following the work out consistently. 

I'm a fat pig now. Day 1: 73.5kg.

I didn't go to gym this morning as I went out with my mom to have breakfast with my 3QQ and it was already around 11pm when we came back so I couldn't go to gym anymore as I start working at 1:30pm and have to be at the tuition centre at around 1pm. After work at 7pm, I went home and had my dinner and I decided to go to the gym right after that and continue with my Day 5 which was triceps and back day! The gym closes at 9pm btw and it was around 8:45pm when I arrived the gym. 

Maybe some people might say that I'm going very intense, but for me, this is just the beginning. 

 in the mood to take some gym selfies after the workout hahaha :D

 Besides, introduce to you all, this is Eric Rawing. He has been joining some of my work outs recently and he's been becoming fitter and more muscular xD I don't know how but when we were together, there would be a lot of trash talking and guys stuff talk. We would laugh continuously about the stupid things we talk about and that's a disaster while we were working out because we would make each other laugh while we were doing an exercise sometimes LOL. But you know, you don't get to get along to well with a friend all the time, so I'm glad that he's one of those whom I get a long well when we're together alone. 

That's all for now. Oh ya, recently I have written an article on Zalora Community page about 3 Benefits of Working Out. Do check it out here.

Do share your thoughts in the comments section below :]

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Overnight in KLIA2

Yesterday(Friday) was the last day of my foundation course in Aimst, which means that I had my one last paper of my finals. After the exam, I went to have my lunch and went back to my hostel to pack all my stuff as I had to catch the train at 5:15pm later in the afternoon. Packing was hectic because I had soooo many things to pack as I have to bring all my things back to Miri. I had 2 gigantic luggage, a small one, and a laptop bag, all carried by me alone, to the train station into the train, then from KL Sentral to the Skybus at the lower ground of the KL Sentral building, then finally to KLIA2 and thank God that there are trolleys in KLIA2 for me to use to move my luggage around otherwise I would really be dead by now HAHAHA. 
in the ETS train
so happy and relieved because I finally didn't need to carry all these with my own hands anymore!!

I have to travel all the way to KL to take the flight back to Miri from now onward because AirAsia has cancelled all the direct Penang-Miri and Miri-Penang flights, thus all the Sarawakians are in big trouble now because if we were to depart from Miri in the morning, we would arrive at Aimst University at night LOL.

Anway, right after I arrived KLIA2, I was sooo tired and exhausted and felt dirty as I sweated a lot on the way here(I looked worn out in the photo above, don't I?). So I went to the washroom and performed a makeover HAHAHA. I literally cleaned myself and even cleansed my face with cleanser, changed a shirt and resprayed my hair so tadaa~ 

look a lot more energized and fresher right? :D

I was sooo hungry by that time so I went to a KFC here and ordered 2 pieces of chicken, wedges, a Zinger burger and a cup of Pepsi, then I ate them all as if I was a hungry lion. After that, I went walking around the corridor of the airport and took some pictures. 


And now it's 4:47am as I am typing this, stranded in the airport, I don't want to sleep because I don't think it's safe for me to sleep here in case someone comes and steal my bag or anything even though there are many people sleeping in the airport. So to kill my boredom, I found a spot where there are sockets to keep my laptop adapter plugged in and to charge my phone, switched on my laptop, browsed Facebook, and finally decided to write something about it :]
where and how I am now :P

So yeah, I have to wait until 11:40am for my flight back home, I'm not sure if I will last until then or not though, but this is definitely a good experience, staying overnight in an airport all alone :D

That's all from me about it, I will write about some other things soon. 
God bless you all :] 

Friday, February 26, 2016

Street Styles

Have you given a thought that being accidentally stylish might be not as hard as you think it is? You can learn to build a perfect wardrobe at home with the combination from the street style and well-dressed gentlemen on the internet. The trick is to do it properly and you can get inspired but strictly do not copy!  
Personal style is subjective so if someone you know like a friend rocks and mixes items in his own certain way that you don’t think would go together as we all don't want to "bump into each other's clothing", wearing the same clothes or the same style at the same time, that would be so awkward! Try to consider how you would do it in a way that reflects your personality and taste. Let’s check out these street styles for men to learn 

Mix Different Denim Washes Together  
Do not believe anyone who says you can’t wear a denim jacket or shirt with a pair of jeans. It’s a myth and they just don’t know how cool it actually looks! Hey, if you never try, then you will never know!  You can pull this off easily by making sure the washes are at least two shades differently. Do not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and rock acid-washed grey, solid back or stark white denim.  

Wear Camo Tastefully 
You cannot ignore it – the camo trend is here to stay. It is a pattern that we all can pull off. With all the fresher variations on this classic military staple, it is easier to rock it.  It may look funny for some of y'all, but like what I just said, if you never try then you will never know. Who knows you might look good in camo right? 

Choose Bold-Coloured Outerwear Wisely 

What a nice reminder for us than even men can wear colours without looking like weirdos. Choose carefully – go too trendy and bet you won’t touch it again for years. Your best bet for maximum versatility is to opt for colours like black, tan and navy. Match these conservative colours with bold patterns.  

Alright, that's all I wanted to talk about street styles. Remember to check out these street styles for men to learn more!   

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Recap: January 2016

Time really flies. The first month of 2016 has gone away and now we have entered the month of February(February is going to end soon too!). I would like to recap what I have done in the first month of the year as this would enable myself to reflect on my productivity in life. As I get older, there comes this realization to not waste anymore time because if I made good use of time in the past, things might be different for me now (I will talk about that in a future post).

As for January, I did quite a lot of things: Went to KL (Kuala Lumpur), joined my class trip to Penang (day trip) and attended my university's foundation studies' Prom. It may not sound many, but this foundation course requires a lot of studying and revisions to be able to do well in the exams thus it is quite busy, so being able to make time out of it and carry out these activities is considered to be a challenging task. Let's talk about each of these events one by one.

1. KL trip - I went to KL from the 23rd until 25th of January to visit my girlfriend, Yee Vien. Before I start writing anything about the things we did in KL, I would like to write about an incident that happened at the bus terminal in SP (Sungai Petani in Kedah). I ordered a bus ticket which cost RM50 that travels from SP to KL and its departure time was 11:59pm. I got there at around 11:30pm and I waited. As the time approaches 12am, there was still no one shouting "KL KL!" to signal those who bought the bus tickets to KL. So I went around and asked, however, I was told by a worker that the bus has already departed. I was utterly shocked, crushed, thinking "what am I gonna do?" After a while he then offered me to get onto the bus in front which would also depart for KL for RM50, I had no choice so I paid him and got onto the bus. I felt sad at first because I have wasted RM50, but the positive side of me showed up after a while, telling myself that it must be God's plan: maybe God knew that the other bus would get involved in an accident so he avoided me to get into it. In the end, I still felt grateful because I could still go to KL and the trip wasn't ruined.

Now about the KL trip - It was not my first time visiting her as I visited her a several times last year. We didn't go to many places this time as we just wanted to spend some quality time together and she had many things to study (she's studying Dentistry course in KL now), so we only went to Mid Valley on the 23rd for lunch, watched a movie and took away some burgers and curly fries from Mc Donald back for our dinner.

On the 24th(Sunday), we didn't go out for the entire day until the evening when we went to Sunway Giza area and dined at uncle Jang. It was my first time there, the food was spicy as we ordered one spicy set and one SUPER spicy set, she ended up eating in tears but I could still stand the spiciness hahahaha! We had a great time together there. 
I went back on the next day and as usual, parting has always been the part of the trip in which we do not want it to come the most.

2. Penang trip with my classmates - In the foundation course that I'm currently studying, our batch has roughly 185 students, so the management has to divide it into 5 classes for the tutorial sessions(lectures would still be in one big lecture theater where all the classes combine). I'm in A3 class, a class in which on the first day, I didn't believe what Mr Muraly(our Physics lecturer) said that all of us will be super noisy in the semesters to come as we were all still very quiet and felt like strangers with one another, but now, what Mr Muraly said has come true, too bad that only happened in semester 3 and now the course is ending soon. 

So my class decided to go onto a day trip to Penang and it was just a 40 minutes drive from our university and some of our classmates have cars so we could use it(not all my classmates went on that day though). We went to many places to eat the local scrumptious food, to Penang Hill but unfortunate it was under maintenance on that day, to Queensbay mall to shop, to Batu Ferringhi beach to enjoy the sea breeze, and finally to Gurney to shop again, I had amazing day with them and this class would not be the same without any single one of them. A3 rocks! 
At Penang Hill entrance.

At Batu Ferringhi beach.

 We built a sand hill together hahaha, I mean them as I was just standing aside looking at them building it hahahaha!
What an awesome class trip.

3. Foundation Studies Prom Night - So we had a prom night in which 3 foundation batches (March, April and July batches) attended together. The prom was at Cinta Sayang Resort which is a very realxing and beautiful place. It was the first prom that I attended in my entire life, I had fun eating, and taking photos with my friends. Nothing much about it though, and me and my housemates took our first ever 'house photo' hahaha. 

credits to Aaron for the picture.

Ms. Ponnarrasy, my Chemistry lecturer followed by Mr. Muraly, my Physics lecturer and Miss Faustina, my English lecturer.

With Ms. Tan, our AFSA advisor who led, guided and taught me many things in handling administrative stuff. 

Batch reps for 3 different semesters. 3-> 2-> 1

G4F Housemates without Joe and Regan.

 Lastly, AIMST foundation March Batch!!! #MarchBatchOneFamily

I'm currently in my study week as I will be having my final examination next week, which means that my foundation course will official end after the examination on next Friday. All of us will part, maybe we will come back here to continue with our degree programmes, maybe some will go to other universities. I finished my revision so I finally have spare time to write in my blog. 

That's all from me, thank you for your time for reading this. Do leave a comment so that I would  be able to know who has visited. God bless you :]