Sunday, December 11, 2016

4 Things to Do After Exams

I am sure that to most university students, the entire journey from preparing for an examination until the end of exam is a very stressful, hectic and exhausting moment. For example, you have one week of study week prior to your one week of exams. This means that you have to study non-stop for a total of 2 weeks! Trust me, I just experienced it and will have another five years waiting ahead of me. Back to the topic, so after exams is finally over, here are a few things that you can do! 

1) Go Out And Celebrate! 
Nothing feels better than having no pressure on your shoulders and being able to do anything you want without feeling guilty due to unfinished revisions. So gather your friends, go out, and celebrate! For example, having a steamboat or barbeque gathering, going out for shopping or food-hunting! 

2) Start Working Out 
After a long duration of unhealthy lifestyle getting ready for exams such as snacking-eat-study-sleep late repeatedly, it's time to "detox" and make yourself healthy again! One of the good ways to do so is by working out. Working out can be in the form of weight-lifting, jogging, running, playing badminton and the list goes on! There are many benefits you can obtain by working out such as it helps to improve your cardiovascular system, detoxify your body, helps you to get in shape and making you feel fresher. In addition, working out can help to avoid PIMPLES/ACNE! Acne formation is caused by over-secretion of sebum by our body's sebaceous glands that are present in our skin. By working out, there is blood circulation throughout our entire body includes our face and we will sweat. This helps to suppress our body's sebaceous glands to secrete too much sebum which will lead to formation of acne.  

3) Go Home